The Bourne Ultimatum

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Our team at Project C designed an award-winning website that brought greater depth to the character-driven storyline of a film. We emphasized fluid interaction design, textured visuals, and a streamlined user interface, creating an immersive experience that took viewers deep into the Jason Bourne universe - setting a new standard for creativity and innovation in film marketing websites.

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Creating a Cinematic User Experience

As an Art Director with Project C, I played a central role in developing the visually compelling web experience for "The Bourne Ultimatum," which earned accolades, including FWA Site of the Day, Webby, and KeyArt awards. My role was critical in blending creative vision with UI/UX design, leading to a groundbreaking online presence for the film.

Concept Development

Guided the Art Direction for a pioneering web experience, merging visual storytelling with an interactive user interface. This site revolutionized digital engagement in the film industry and integrated a user friendly gaming experience driven by Google search.


Collaborated with the creative team to turn character development into an engaging, story-driven online experience using detailed storyboarding. I explored innovative ways to design multiple user journeys - bridging the gap between current web experiences and visually stunning cinematic films. The end result blended the art of movie storytelling with the interactivity of digital design, and put the controls in the hands of each user.

UX & UI Design

I led the visual design process, including photo editing/manipulation that utilized assets from my photo library to create complex visual layers and texturing that provided the rich and visually stunning backdrop for the interactive user interface.

Select Screen Designs

Additional Work

5 iphones staggered on a bright pink background with design screens on them

case study

Delivering Personalized Care and Support

Delivering personalized care and support to patients with Ovarian Cancer.

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An iPhone isolated on a bright blue background with a design on it and design elements in the foreground

case study

Enterprise Supply Chain Management App

Enterprise supply chain management app, for 965+ aircraft and 1,900 suppliers.

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Designs from CES displayed on desktop and smartphone layouts on a bright blue background

case study

Consumer Technology Website and App

Data-driven digital destination for visitors and exhibitors at CES.

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Device screens from the 2.0 project on a pale blue background

case study 2.0

Digital transformation and UX/UI redesign that delivers health plans to 40M people.

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Tablet and smartphone screens from the District Wharf designs

Website and App for the District Wharf

Website and app for the $3.6 billion mixed-use Washington D.C. neighborhood.

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Design screen from the Bourne Ultimatum split into a grid showing a man with a rifle on the left and a man standing looking down on the right

Web Experience Site for the Bourne Ultimatum

FWA Site of the Day web experience for the film that grossed over $444M.

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