The District Wharf

WEBSITE & iOS/Android App

Launched in 2017 and still in use today, the fully responsive web experience was built to support the grand opening of the $3.6 billion mixed-use neighborhood that established Washington, D.C., as a waterfront city.

Large building rendering photo of the District Wharf in D.C.

Project Goal

Establish Washington D.C. as a Premier Waterfront Destination

As the Interactive Creative Director at HZDG, I spearheaded the UX/UI and visual design for the District Wharf website – a pivotal piece in launching Washington D.C.'s iconic $3.6 billion mixed-use neighborhood.

Best Developer Website by International Property Awards in 2018

UX Deliverables

In shaping The Wharf’s digital landscape, our UX deliverables formed a cohesive framework designed for intuitive navigation and engagement. By integrating a detailed Sitemap and a logical Information Architecture, we ensured that users found what they needed with ease, enhancing their journey across the platform. Wireframes laid the groundwork, mapping out the user interface with a focus on usability and efficiency, while Prototypes allowed us to iteratively refine the experience, ensuring that the final design was not only functional but also inviting, facilitating a deeper connection with The Wharf’s offerings.

Component-Driven Design

Drawing on my expertise in component-driven design, I directed the creation of a WCAG-compliant UI system. This foundation allowed for the rapid development and launch of the iOS/Android visitor app, enabling us to expand our digital footprint while ensuring a uniform user experience across platforms. This scalable system was crucial for efficiently moving the project from Phase 1 to Phase 2, demonstrating our commitment to accessibility and seamless integration.

Select Screen Designs

Additional Work

5 iphones staggered on a bright pink background with design screens on them

case study

Delivering Personalized Care and Support

Delivering personalized care and support to patients with Ovarian Cancer.

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An iPhone isolated on a bright blue background with a design on it and design elements in the foreground

case study

Enterprise Supply Chain Management App

Enterprise supply chain management app, for 965+ aircraft and 1,900 suppliers.

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Designs from CES displayed on desktop and smartphone layouts on a bright blue background

case study

Consumer Technology Website and App

Data-driven digital destination for visitors and exhibitors at CES.

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Device screens from the 2.0 project on a pale blue background

case study 2.0

Digital transformation and UX/UI redesign that delivers health plans to 40M people.

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Tablet and smartphone screens from the District Wharf designs

Website and App for the District Wharf

Website and app for the $3.6 billion mixed-use Washington D.C. neighborhood.

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Design screen from the Bourne Ultimatum split into a grid showing a man with a rifle on the left and a man standing looking down on the right

Web Experience Site for the Bourne Ultimatum

FWA Site of the Day web experience for the film that grossed over $444M.

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